Youtube Party is the 2nd Fatty Spins song. they made this song with the name of all the youtube stars
Youtube Party Fatty Spins

Ray rapping

Lyrics Edit

Chillin' drinkin' beer with my boy ShaneDawson
I finished up that bottle just 'cause EmptysAwesome
NigaHiga called he was acting all bizarre
Hanging outside of the bar WasteTimeChasingCars
We agreed to meet Niga at the club at 10 o'clock
Like AlphaCat and Meekakitty Hanging in the litterbox
A YouTube party well it just might be
I grabbed my iPhone my iPod and my iJustine
Our boys pulled up outside in the ride
I was like supricky06 DaveDays is gonna drive
We picked up timothydelaghetto2 from the suburb up the block
I stayed soundlyawake listening to fluffeetalks
Dave got restless and he took another root
He put the petal to the metal with his thunderf00t
He lost control of the wheel and the car started to skid
WHATTHEBUCKSHOW I can't die I gotta livelavalive
We pulled up to the club and you wouldn't believe it
The place was tighly packed like LisaNova's cleavage
The music makemebad35 it was more than I could handle
'Til the DJ changed TheStation to communitychannel
I was acting like a Shaytards daving with my friends
When this hottie came up and said hey ItsBrent
My name is Ray but I could tell she was a lonelygirl15
A thecomputernerd01 who would let me go hone with her
She was a priness she kinda looked VenetianPrincess
I was so hotforwords I could barely keeptheheat in
Charlestrippy appeared when I was feeling like a tool right
He passed me a beer I thought charlieissocoollike
But still I hesitated with a pause and a vlogbrothers yelled
Don't forget to be awesome
And I didn't 'cause she was so fine
Like hurricaneaubrey she was tearing up the coast line
She said you're KoolJeffrey and you're sxephil
Why don't we happyslip back to my apartment and chill
And I was like jaaaaaaa 'Cause I'm a Supermac18
I alwaystextback cause she is way to cute for that
I flagged the wheezywaiter and asked for the check
I heard a voice from the back screaming hey it's Fred
Damn even Fred showed up
kevjumba came from no where and punched him in his jaw
With a swiftkaratechop he was crazy like waaaaaa
I used my phone to call my ride back home
With Mr. tayzonday who was singing his own song like
Chocolate rain some stay dry and other feel the pain

I forgot Smosh dude

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