First Appearance No Homo
Potrayed by Ray William Johnson
Died in Too Fat To Die
Troll is a character that first appeared in No Homo and recently  in Assassination Attempt.

Troll & Ray Edit

Troll basicly hates Ray. Although, in Goodbye Ray, he was sad that Ray was leaving, showing that he likes Ray. Although, in that episode, he called him a "Gay Homo Fag". In some episodes, Ray would call Troll handsome as a joke, as Ray plays the Troll.

Appearance Edit

Early incarnations of the Troll were just Ray on the left side of the picture leaning back, head tilted back and arms in front mimicking typewriting hand gestures. Ray would use a lower voice when being the Troll.

Birthday Episode Bottom Image

Troll's appearance in "Birthday Episode"

At first Ray did not dress up to be the Troll but later added glasses during editing. He also added a red arrow pointing at it saying "Troll". Interestingly, in the Troll's appearance in Birthday Episode, Ray removed his glasses to play the Troll while he wore them for the rest of the episode. When he later appeared in So Long Ray, and when Ray was not wearing his glasses, the Troll did not appear with his can see the troll in some episodes of breaking nyc.