School'd is the 5th and final Fatty Spins song.
School'd Fatty Spins

Ray and Micfri

Lyrics Edit

Now I know my ABC's
Next time won't you sing with me

Smart ass done graduated
A life time of school and we're glad you made it
umpteen years of learning you fought through
So we brought you things school really taught you
A A is for that Adderall
You took cause your study habits bad and all
When you were off chuging that B for beer
And I C that you got another D of that exam
cause you showed up hungover from drinking
And instead of hitting books
you took a hit of E singing
We don't need no edumacation
F the library let's go get wasted
Awe G whiz now you can't even pass why
Cause you came H for hungover from last night
Cause school just ain't what it seems to be
Next time won't you sing with me

This is what your school really taught you

Oh no school gave you issues
So I represent yo narcissism
When you call your parents and they ask what's up
You say I need some money or I need a hug
And you hate it 'cause you're so J for jaded
Those private school kids done already made it
Their always far ahead and they always have their way
So take that Adderall but drugs are bad mmm K
But when you question school as an investment
Remember getting all the L for love as a freshman
Which bring me to M
All that marijuana you went N tried with your friends
In your bedroom smoking felling down on yourself
O and remember when you wished you had some wealth
So you can skip class and live for free but
Next time won't you sing with me


P is for the party and you better enjoy it
'Cause you'll soon be in the Q at the unemployment
Like yo R you waiting on the government cheese
'Cause I could have sworn you went and got your degree
You should have S for studied more
You could have gotten far
Instead of chuging long island teas at the bar
You took that easy course you barely have to read in
Like U dat's for underwater basket weaving
You lost your V card like you didn't really need it but
W for writing papers using Wikipedia
Remember your X who you met at the kegger
You'll forget what you studied but you'll never forget her
So Y you waste your time doing all that thinking
When you didn't get your Z's 'cause you were out driking

Next time won't you sing with me


Now take your ass back to class

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