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Kick his @ss!
Kick his @ss!
Season 1, episode 12 (12)
Air date 2009-04-17
Host Ray William Johnson
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Kick his @ss! is the 12th episode of =3. This is the first episode on the Ray YouTube channel.

Plot Edit

Ray tells the audience about the little girl, but says that he will get to her later. Ray reviews the video of Your Dad. Clips of Your Dad choking is shown while Ray gets grossed out. After, he gets to the little girl. Ray says that she's not afraid of monsters. The video of the Little Girl plays. After that, Ray talks about Mr. Motocross and that he found the video and commented on it.

CQotD Edit

Submitted Edit's question comes from a user named djnjallday, and they said:
Why did the Chicken cross the Road?

Responded Edit

So forum, What's your best pick up line?
1 I'm not Fred Flintstone, but I can make your bedrock.
YT pballin77
2 You might as well sleep with me because Im going to tell everyone we did anyway!
3 hey baby does this rag smell like cholorform to you?
YT frootypatutee
4 Do you work at subway? Cuz you just gave me a footlong.
YT paulwall142
5 Get in the van!!!
YT kureru20