Fat Kid Falls
Fat Kid Falls
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Host Ray William Johnson
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Fat Kid Falls is an episode of =3.
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Plot Edit

Ray says that he shaved his beard to piss us off. Then he shows us a video of someone falling off a waterslide. He then shows us a video of a "snake d**k" and finally a video of a fat kid falling off the couch.

CQotD Edit

Submitted Edit's question comes from a user named famous4190, and they said:
What is your hurricane Name?

Responded Edit

So forum, What do you do in traffic?
1 Make awkward eye contact.
FB David Evans
2 motorboat the airbag
YT C4ReplayC4
3 sleep
FB Jennifer Digby
4 Hit old ladies. they are 10 points you know.
YT Rio9076365
5 Pretend it's mario kart and throw turtles at drivers.
YT kanesizer9