Apple Store Love Song is the 4th Fatty Spins song.
Apple Store Love Song Fatty Spins

"I try not to be dramatic unless I have to"

Lyrics Edit

This is a love song.

I try not to be dramatic, unless I have to, but I was at the Apple Store picking out a MacBook. And on my way out, like thanks for stopping by, and you walked in and you really caught my eye.. pod.

And I'mma put you on my playlist, I don't know what your name is but you're going in my favorites. I got you in my eyesight (iSight), I hope you're here 'cause I'mma turn the volume up and speak into your earbuds.

I like your inner face, it ain't a big deal, you got my heart spinning right around like a Click Wheel. And I was thinking we should shuffle through the inner webs, and find the time for iMovies playing at the cineplex.

And girl you know you made that Final Cut, and even Macbook Air ain't light enough, to outweigh my heart which is beating so rapid that I'mma have to track it with an iPod App. And..

..I fell in love at the Apple Store. And I never felt like that before.

And I fell in love at the Apple Store. And I think I may come back for more.

And yes, I'm aware that baby iMac and baby if you buy that maybe we can iChat. And I don't mean to be aggressive or a sleeze, and I don't mean to mac, I'm just not PC.

I know how to treat you, this ain't a reboot, I'll never find the need to "CTRL, ALT, delete" you. I see no reason to mess with these slobs 'cause they're like Bill Gates, and I'm Steve Jobs.

I know you're waiting on me to discover that you need a man who will let you meet his mother.. board. Well, baby, it's fine 'cause I'm connecting broadband and this could really happen QuickTime.

So let's find your network and go wireless, and if you'd like to try this, maybe we can iTouch, and put your picture as my desktop backdrop if you let me take my harddrive and put it in your laptop.



Ma-ma-ma-mac, ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-Macintosh. x3

Mac, ma-ma-ma-ma-Macintosh. x2


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